Series of paintings based on my dream entries in the Dreamboard app.


Over the past years I documented my dreams in traditional diaries. I recently switched to a digital one, called the Dreamboard app, and started using the data for my painting compositions.


I select dreams that occur of interest to me and use the app data to assemble them into paintings. From colors to persons, all the details I recall from the oniric world are taken trough the creative process to become compositions that I would rarely establish with my waking-life-imagination.

Radiant Glowing Bits


RGB is a project about visual experiments using digital media and image edition software, inspired by several trends such as the New Aesthetic, Op Art and Modern Geometrical Painting.


The results are intentionally saturated, noisy or provocative. This visual language is used to create a sensation that I like to call Visual Annoyance.






Mexico City is a dynamic metropolis with a vast of conflicts and an ever changing face. The painting series explores urban objects of the cityscape and examines how their aggressiveness can be used as pictorial elements, balancing the chaos-order-relation.


The juxtaposition of two spaces reinforces the idea that the city space is always morphing and therefore never the same.


The city itself is a metaphor of the life process emerging, mutating, growing and dying. This drama is the perfect scene for a colorful and intense composition of pictorial spaces.





Profiles is a portrait series of friends and people that are related or relevant to my social environment. The project is ongoing and it’s purpose is to keep painting while I travel and to portrait the people I meet along the way.


Creating portraits is one of the most enjoyable parts of painting for me, and I’m currently open to submissions.





Paintings of familiar persons, mostly friends, in casual situations. Based on photographic references I created a pictorial scene following what the pose and the space suggested.


Blackbook Sketches


Ongoing series of quick notebook sketches and drawings. Some of them being first approaches for big paintings and others already working as a finished piece.


The sketches are intuitive, in the process I draw things from my environment as spontaneosly as possibly, trying not to think about


No Waste Painting


Paintings made on recycled panels and canvases with leftover paint from other pieces.


I have a strong drive that doesn't allow me to just throw the leftover paint and materials so I'm always looking to find a way to use them.


There's no planning, and certainly no feelings. Only the obsession not to produce waste.




Zoo/Trash It


The mini series explores dark mental states such as loneliness, sorrow, guilt, fear and oblivion. The images are based on digital collages that are being drawn with traditional and fine materials. This generates a contrast, almost a contradiction.





Series of digital pieces that explore size, resolution and the difference of color spaces in screen version images and their printed counterparts. While the files are massive and may be only visible in their full detail on 4K or 5k screens, the printed versions happen to be visible in it's full resolution, but lead to a loss of color richness. The pieces are about the inevitable information loss and act as challenging home decorations.



You Must Be Dreaming

Comic about lucid dreaming, made with vitreous and ceramic enamels on iron sheets. The affirmations and questions are meant to be mantras that trigger lucidity in dreams.


The pieces are technically the encounter of two very different worlds: The world of fine crafted unique objects and the world of simple and reproducible story telling.






Series of photorealistic paintings. The fire as an allegory of constant transformation: A burning book; the Sun hitting the Earth; the light is seen as an energy release that slowly destroys everything, including memory.


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